CAT Food

Product Description

We actively promote an effort on giving reliable and safe foods for the customers needs as an intermediate company of the various food chain such as food factories, food service industry, HMR industry, and wholesaler. We are No.1 in handling amount of imported bonito and we are expert in both of domestic and imported bonito flakes. We are performing manufacturing processes such as shaving, powder and sterilizing processing of bonito. We also develop overseas business, China, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam etc... Our seashore second factory got ISO22000 as the first bonito powder factory in Japan. We follow the idea of ISO22000 to ensure food safety as an intermediate company of food chain connecting sea, factory and the customer. Japan main office (Sea shore second factory - Operating ISO22000 system which includes HACCP system) and the local corporations which is in China and Philippines are engaged in daily manufacturing under the common concept of HACCP system. HACCP Stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. HACCP is an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food.


    We got ISO22000

    ISO 22000 ( International Organization for Standardization ) is a Food Safety Management System that can be applied to any organization in the food chain, farm to fork. Becoming certified to ISO 22000 allows a company to show their customers that they have a food safety management system in place. We got ISO 22000 in Oct. 2012. JAB (Japan Accreditation Board) is an authorized engine of ISO.


    DELAT Premier Bonito Flakes

    Our “Delat Premier Bonito Flakes” is as close to nature as you can get in pet treats. Real bonito is the only ingredient. You will be surprised to know its nutritious. The taste is amazing. Your cat will love this and never be disappointed!


    We got ISO22000

    The bonito is abundantly caught in the Kuroshio Basin on the Pacific coast of the Japanese archipelago. It has been eaten as a valuable protein source in Japan since ancient times. Its nutritional value is amazing. The bonito flakes are made by the process for heating, drying and shaving the bonito meats.


    Amazing Nutritious!

    Bonito flakes is a very nutritious food. It is a source of muscle, blood and bones, and it contains plenty of phosphorus, potassium, vitamin D, etc., as well as proteins that are indispensable for the bodies. It also contains vitamins that prevent fat oxidation and prevent arteriosclerosis, as well as calcium and minerals that tend to be deficient. A nutritious and healthy food is bonito flakes.

Excellent Treats for Your Cat !


Best nutritious, Best taste !


It contains great nutritious such as high protein, taurine, rich fish oils and essential amino acid. Taurine protects your cat from disease and fish oils are good for feline urinary tract infections, reduced hairballs and healthy skin and coats.
The taste is amazing and your cat will love this!




Delat PREMIER CAT FOOD bonito Flakes doesn't contain any preservatives, additives, or food coloring. It is authenic Japanese origine and made of fresh and quality bonito fish. You can serve them as they are or you can sprinkle on your pet's food. Your cat can't resist the tasty treat.



    ・Low Sodium type
    ・Total amount 114 g / 4.02 oz
    ・Serving size 3 g / 0.10 oz
    ・Serving per container 38
    ・12.6 in x 7.87 in x 3.15 in
    ・Not require refrigeration