Ceramic Teapot (W5.1xH3.9inch) and 2 TeaCups (W2.5xH3.3inch) for Loose Leave Tea, Japanese Traditional Earthenware Bizen Pottery

  • Tea set:A set of teapot and 2 cups. This product is called "Bizen ware" in Japan and is characterized by high strength. Its high heat retention properties make it easy to heat up and hard to cool down, allowing you to enjoy your beverage slowly while maintaining the proper temperature.
  • Bizen-yaki (Bizen ware):A type of Pottery, which is a specialty of Okayama, Japan, is fired without painting, to give the dignified earthen patterns of the clay. Since the color and surface of the pottery changes depending on the firing temperature, no two pieces are exactly alike, making them one-of-a-kind.
  • Long-lasting enjoyment:The more this product is used, the finer the unevenness of the surfaces are gradually removed, improving the mouth feel and texture. As the gloss gradually increases, you will surely be able to enjoy the changes for a long time.
  • Suggested use:The cups can be used for beer since the microscopic surface irregularities of the Bizen ware creates a fine, hard-to-lose foam.
  • Size: Teapot (W5.1xH3.9inch),Cups (W2.5xH3.3inch)