Food Sunaga Curry Flakes 4.2oz (120g) | Gluten Free | NO MEAT | NO FISH | NO MSG | VEGAN FRIENDLY- 1Pack

  • $9.99
  • Pre-packaged curry or curry sauce mix (curry roux) can be greasy or you have a stomach after eating, but don't worry. Our vegetable based curry flakes are both healthy and delicious. It is made without animal ingredients or wheat flour. It does not contain MSG and Preservatives. No Emulsifier, Food colorings and flavor.
  • Without sugar, fruits and kelp are used to give it a natural sweetness and richness. Blended more than 18 spices and aromatic garam masala is added to give it an authentic taste. The flakes are easily dissolved and can be easily used to season a variety of dishes.
  • Gluten is one of the proteins which contains wheat and so on. Gluten-free diet is gathering attention from people who are health conscious.
  • The most common curry sauce mix contains the most amount of oil and flour. Therefore, in order to clear the "not-so-healthy" point, "FINE CURRY FLAKE" has been made into a healthy and delicious curry by replacing the oil and flour with healthy and wholesome ingredients. The calorie is 20% lower, and sugar is 15% lower than general curry sauce mix sold in Japan.
  • Use of healthy ingredients that consider the body //ROASTED BROWN RICE; brown rice flour is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. COCONUT OIL; coconut oil is a vegetable oil that can be used for weight loss, constipation, skin hair and beauty. OKARA POWDER, Soy pulp powder; Okara powder, which is packed with the nutrition of soybeans, is said to contain about four times as much dietary fiber as raw okara.