Half Dried Udon Noodles, Pasta Yaki Udon Stir Fried Udon, Beyond Meat Umami Edition, 3 Servings in a Pack, Made in Japan, 9.9oz (280g)

  • $10.00
  • Japanese Bicchu udon noodles. About 3 servings.
  • It is made with a hand-pulling machine and some processes that involve manual stretching and drying.
  • Because it is made by stretching by hand, it contains a flattened part of the noodle, called "bachi", which is a characteristic of hand-pulled noodles.
  • You can taste the smooth texture and chewy texture. We recommend cold Zaru Udon in hot summer, and Kamaage in cold winter. It is also ideal for hot pot and stewed udon.