Japanese Ceramic Chopstick Rest Set of 5 Iwasaki Haruhiko Suetukuri Kutani Yaki (Ware)

  • Set of 5 cutlery rests:The method of baking this product are called "Kutani-yaki". A simple Cutlery rest for cutleries and chopsticks. The center is hollowed out to make it easy to place.
  • Kutani-yaki: A specialty of Ishikawa, Japan. The five impressive colors (red, green, yellow, purple, and navy) are centered and is truely vivid. Among them, the ones made from ceramics are characterized by a warm and soft texture that evokes the feelings of the soil.
  • Simple design: The simple design makes it suitable for any table scenes.The tasteful baking marks brings out a nice accent to the design.Just by placing it, it gives a baptized impression during mealtimes. Recommended for those who are into Japanese traditions.
  • Recommended as gifts: These easy-to-use and simple cutlery rest is recommended as a gift. It would be nice to separate the owners by each colors.
  • Size: W0.39 x H0.39 x D2.36inch