Japanese Gyokuro Green Tea Bags 15 Count (Pack of 3) Premium Tea Leaves, Hot or Cold Brew, 10.58Ounce(300g)

Brand Japan keystone
Item Form Teabags, Loose Leaves
Tea Variety Green
Unit Count 10.58 Ounce
Package Information Bag
Weight 300 Grams
Item Dimensions LxWxH 5.51 x 2.76 x 8.66 inches

About this item

  • Highest grade tea leaves: We use tea leaves called "Kyoto Gyokuro" which is famous in Japan. The tea is packed in tea bag style, making it easy to brew a delicious tea for you.
  • Gyokuro: Characterized by a rich, umami taste. Because it contains high levels of amino acids, the component of umami, it does not have a strong astringent taste.
  • Recommended brewing method: Slowly brew at a low temperature of about 50-60℃. This will bring out the full flavor and richness of Gyokuro. It can also be brewed with cold water.
  • Great break time: Drink it with something sweet when you are tired, or drink it as for a reward for yourself. It will provide a wonderful calming break time. A hot cup of tea is a great way to take a breather, or choose a cold cup of tea to feel refreshed.