Japanese Sea Salt "Black Salt of SUZU NOTO JAPAN SEA" 3.5 oz(100g). “Black salt” is made by filling salt-bamboo on the Noto Peninsula with salt and baking it in a traditional kiln for three days.

Brand SUZU of NOTO
Weight 100 Grams
Unit Count 1.00 Count
Package Weight 0.1 Kilograms

  • The seaweed salt of Moshio from SUZU NOTO JAPAN SEA.
  • Incorporating the seaweed, Honda Walla, which was used in ancient salt production, and cooked it. The Noto Peninsula borders the sea where the Tsushima Current and the Kuril Current cross.
  • Using the blessing of beautiful seawater and seaweed. We bring out the taste of the ingredients and are recommended for various dishes.
  • Salt made from seawater and seaweed used in ancient salt making is recommended for vegetables and pickles overnight.

  • and pickles overnight.