Japanese SHICHIMI Chili Pepper Blended 7 Spices with Citrus "NIIHIME" Used, Add a Refreshing Aroma, Spiciness and Umami Togarashi Seasoning (8g / 0.28 Oz)

Brand Japan keystone
Weight 140 Grams
Package Weight 0.46 Kilograms

About this item

  • Umeboshi (pickled plum): A pickled plum slightly flavored with honey. This product uses only high quality "Nanko Ume" plums from Kumano, which has a soft skin and thick flesh, harvested from the warm and rainy climates.
  • Honey: Honey is known to keep your intestines healthy. By flavoring with honey, the taste is more mellow without the feeling of strong sourness of plums. You can even eat it as a dessert.
  • Japanese plum: Citric acid, which is abundant in plum, keeps the skin and intestines healthy. This product contains less salt compare to regular umeboshi products so it is recommended for health-conscious people.
  • Cooking examples: Put on rice, or even serve with udon or pasta noodles for a refreshing taste. You can also eat it as is which becomes a great salt supplement.
  • Volume content:4.94 Oz(140g)