Japanese Shiitake Mushroom Powder Nature-Grown Natural Savory Umami Booster, 60g (2.1oz)

  • $9.99
  • Easy To Use: This dried shiitake mushroom powder can be used like a seasoning, simply sprinkled on food. You can use it to adjust the taste of your food like salt and pepper. Of course, it can also be used for dashi, broth.
  • Nutrition: Dried shiitake mushrooms contain vitamin D, dietary fiber, and lentinan, making them a versatile food with many nutrients. Normally, vitamins and minerals are destroyed when heated at high temperatures, but since the broiling process is instantaneous (1-3 seconds) at over 200℃, the nutrients are locked intact.
  • Taste: It brings out the best tastes. This makes every dish more tasty as a secret ingredient. The pure and natural Umami booster which creates a longer-lasting and deeper finish for the foods you eat.