Japanese Traditional Dyeing (Kaga Yuzen) Cotton Handkerchief Wrapping Cloth Bandana Cover Bag Decorative Table Cloth Wisteria (Japanese Fuji) Pattern, Great Gift, (H 18.9 x L 18.9 inch) Pink

Color Pink (Fuji)
Brand Japan keystone
Age Range (Description) Kid
Item Weight 15 Grams
Style Traditional
Shape Square

About this item

  • Handkerchief:A large handkerchief dyeied with a method called "Kaga Yuzen", a traditional craft of Kanazawa City of Ishikawa in Japan. The vivid and delicate pattern will add a gorgeous touch to your hand.
  • Kaga Yuzen:A traditional dyeing method that has been around for about 500 years. The beautiful patterns are characterized by a color scheme based on five deep shades of red, yellow, green, indigo, and purple, known as "Kaga Gosai" (The five colors of Kaga).
  • Wisteria pattern:Traditionally used as an elegant pattern in Japan. It is meant for a bountiful harvest and the prosperity of descendants. The gorgeous yet elegant design is easy to use in everyday life.
  • Multipurpose:For wrapping lunch boxes or as a tablecloth. It is also recommended to be wrapped around the neck as a bandana or even a display in a room as an tapestry.
  • Size:18.89inch x 18.89inch