Japanese Yuzu Flavored Ramune Soda Candy, Porous and Chalky Soft Candy, Easy to Take Vitamin C (30g / 1.06 Oz)

Brand Japan keystone
Flavor Yuzu
Item Form Pastille
Unit Count 1.06 Ounce
Package Information Bag
Weight 30 Grams
Specialty Flavored
Package Weight 0.03 Kilograms

About this item

  • Yuzu flavored Ramune: A glucose-based ramune with a pleasant mouthfeel. Flavored with yuzu powder produced in Japan. Pocket size, zipper bag type, easy to carry.
  • Equal to 1 lemon: An piece provides the same amount of vitamin C as 1 lemon. This is the same amount that an person is suggested to take in a day. Vitamin C keeps your skin healthy.
  • Refreshing taste: Using the yuzu powder produced in Japan, it is characterized by a refreshing and sweet taste. It melts and leave that refreshing sensation in your mouth.
  • Convenient: While your exercising or working, it is designed to easily carry out. It's an quick and easy way to take vitamin C. Perfect snack for health conscious people.
  • Volume content:1.06Oz(30g)