MARUTA candy Japanese DIY candy making kit "Neritcho Soft" fluffy candy, SODA, STRAWBERRY flavor and "Nomutcho jelly" MELON flavor, 3count

Flavor Soda, Strawberry, Melon
Item Form Jelly, Powder
Unit Count 3.00 Count
Number of Items 1

About this item

  • 3 PACK SET: This is "Neritcho soft" soda, strawberry flavor and "Nomutcho jelly" melon flavor set.
  • WHAT IS DIY CANDY?: "Nerutcho" is candy making kit and "Nomutcho jelly" is jelly making kit. You can easily make tasty candy just by adding the water to the powders inside.
  • HOW TO MAKE : NERITCHO SOFT/Each pack contains three small wafer cones, powder, and a mixing spoon. Just add water to the powder, mix with spoon, and watch the concoction dissolve into a deliciously edible, foamy ice cream in soda or strawberry flavor./NOMUTCHO JELLY/Put powder and water in a cup and mix with a straw for 1 minute. Sweet melon-flavored jelly is ready.