Marutomo Ago Dashi Flying Fish Soup Stock Pack, 8g X 8P

Flavor Fish
Package Information Pouch
Package Weight 0.08 Kilograms
Unit Count 2.2575 Ounce

About this item

  • Dashi is a broth made by boiling fish or kelp and extracting its umami. It is an essential ingredient in Japanese food.
  • It is made from two types of flying fish: grilled with a strong umami taste and roasted dried with a rich aroma. It also contains bonito, mackerel, horse mackerel, kelp, and shiitake mushroom dashi.
  • You can easily make delicious dashi by simply placing the bag in hot water and simmering for 3 minutes. It is also seasoned with salt and soy sauce etc, so it can be used as is for cooking!