Marutomo Dashi Soup Stock Pack, 8g X 8P

  • $6.99
Brand ¡ì£í £í£á£ò£õ£ô£ï£í£ï
Flavor Miso,Umami
Item Form Granule
Package Information Pouch
Number of Items 1

About this item

  • Dashi is essential flavor base at the heart of Japanese broth-based dishes from miso soup, to noodle soups, and even ramen. This is convenient powdered form, instant dashi. You can cook Japanese cuisine easier and quicker using it.
  • Used six kinds of ingredients (4 kinds of fish, kelp, shiitake) are well balanced. When the umami component in bonito flakes, inosinic acid, the umami component in kelp, glutamic acid, and the umami component in shiitake mushrooms, guanylic acid, meet, the taste is enhanced, which is called the synergistic effect of umami. In Japanese cuisine, the combination of dashi is used in such a way that this synergy of umami occurs.
  • It takes only three minutes to make a delicious broth after boil the water.