Marutomo Katsuo Dried Shaved Bonito Soft Bonito Flakes Pack - 0.7g X 25P

  • $9.99
  • It contains great nutritious such as high protein, taurine, rich fish oils and essential amino acid. Sliced thinly bonito flakes are easy to eat.
  • It is something that goes well with dishes from around the world as both a topping and as dashi. Currently, people around the world are taking note of katsuobushi due to its mild flavor yet umami deliciousness, its ability to reduce fat, salt, and sugar content while cooking, and its healthiness as an indispensable ingredient in delicious dishes.
  • For our katsuobushi, every step of the manufacturing process undergoes strict quality assurance, starting with the selection of fish. We are able to create a higher grade of katsuobushi under the careful supervision of skilled craftsmen who are able to identify a fish's freshness and fat content.