Marutomo Tenkasu Deep Fried Tempura Batter, Crispy Tempura Bits, for Yakiudon, Yakisoba, Okonomiyaki, Ramen, Sushi, Poke Bowl, 2.8oz -Pack of 2

Brand §m marutomo
Specialty Cholesterol Free
Package Weight 0.17 Kilograms
Material Type Free Cholesterol Free
Material Feature Vegetarian

  • Tenkasu is a traditional Japanese condiment consisting of deep-fried tempura batter, crispy tempura bits. They are also referred to as Age-dama, this crunchy tempura batter is often used as a topping for ramen, udon, and yakisoba dishes. It’s also used to add a crunchy texture to savory pancakes such as okonomiyaki and monjayaki.
  • With its rich taste of the cooking oil, and special crispy texture, tenkasu is used as foodstuff for trimmings or garnishes of various dishes. This product is used vegetable oil, so it is cholesterol free.
  • After opening the package, close the zipper and store in the refrigerator.