Pearl Metal Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelet Egg Pan for All Types of Fire Sources Non-Stick Made of Steel HB-906

  • $19.90
  • Using this square frying pan, you can make a Tamagoyaki (Japanese Rolled Omelette ) for one egg. It is a good size for lunch box.
  • Tamagoyaki is a delicious Japanese Omelette that's a staple of a traditional Japanese breakfast. Made by rolling layers of seasoned egg together, Tamagoyaki is a quick an easy side dish that's perfect for adding some protein and a splash of color to a bento box lunch.
  • This frying pan is made of steel so that make sure it is preheated well and put a small amount of cooking oil before adding an egg.
  • Compatible with all heat sources, Gas, Induction Heating 100V/200V, sheathed heater, halogen heater, enchro heater, radiant heater.
  • Length 300 x Width 105 x Height 70mm