Plastic 2 Pieces Sushi Rice Ball Onigiri Mold Bento Mold Press with Mini Rice Paddle Easy Making, BPA-Free ( White Rabbit )

  • $13.99
  • Easy to make two small triangular rice balls. Each rice ball is about 40g.
  • Double embossed to prevent rice from sticking. Comes with a special mini rice paddle of the perfect size.
  • The cute rabbit design makes it easy for children to make onigiri (rice balls).
  • How to make // 1. Place the mold on a slightly wet cutting board and lightly fill it with rice up to the slit. 2. Press the triangular side of the mold onto the top of 1. 3. Place the square side of the mold on top and move the mold on top of it. 4. Push down on the mold, and the rice ball will pop out.
  • BPA-Free