Shinjo Shiokoji 200g…

・Easy to use. Just use this instead of salt. It can be used for dishes such as marinate the meat in it, add to stir-fry and stewed food. This salted koji helps the flavor to be more savory and velvety.

・It's a great way to recover from fatigue and regulate your intestines, perfect for beauty and health! |In addition to enzymes, koji bacillus produces various vitamins, so it is not only delicious when used in cooking, but is also attracting attention as an ingredient that is good for beauty and health.

・The Chugoku Mountains in Japan are a series of 1,000-meter-high mountains that have a lot of rain and, in winter a lot of snow. The rain and the snow gushes out of the lowlands, passing through the granite strata. Our company uses clear, soft water which is good for tea and coffee, taken from an underground water vein near the Kawai River, the largest river in Cyugoku area in Japan.

・There is still a lot of nature left in the Chugoku Mountains. We use this delicious water grown in this natural environment for both koji and miso making.

・The salt used for this salted koji is made from seawater from Sakido-cho, facing the Sea of Goto at the western edge of Nagasaki Prefecture. The Tsushima Current, which branches off from the high-salt Kuroshio current, flows through the Sea of Goto, carrying the bounty of the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Japan. The salt contains just the right amount of bittern and has a mild and deep taste.