TAKAHASHI SHOTEN Yuzu Sweet Chili Sauce - 5.8oz (165g) | No Artifical Flavorings or Colorings

Flavor Yuzu Sweert Chili Sauce
Weight 5.8 Ounces
Package Weight 75 Grams
Unit Count 1.00 Count

About this item

  • Yuzu is a citrus fruit that is mainly cultivated in Japan and other Asian countries. It is a bit like the halfway point between a lemon and a lime. Although it is incredibly fragrant, it is sour and tart, meaning that in cooking it is mainly used for its juice and zest. It has been gaining popularity worldwide. It is an extremely healthy fruit because it contains as much as three times more vitamin C than lemons. The zest is excellent as well.
  • The characteristic of Yuzu produced in Miyazaki Prefecture is that it has a very strong scent among Yuzu. So that it is popular and is used for variety of things such as jams, cosmetics and liquor. It uses unripe yuzu peels.
  • The fresh scent of yuzu perfectly balances the sweet and spicy flavor of the chili sauce to create a totally new condiment. It goes great with fried foods, salads, fresh spring rolls and more.