The Yuzu Sco RED Japanese Taste Hot Yuzu Sauce- 2.64oz

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About this item
Flavor YUZUSCO Red
Unit Count 1.00 Count
Weight 2.64 Ounces
Specialty Kosher

  • USED YUZU FROM MIYAZAKI, JAPAN// The characteristic of Yuzu produced in Miyazaki Prefecture is that it has a very strong scent among Yuzu. So that it is popular and is used for variety of things such as jams, cosmetics and liquor. It uses unripe yuzu peels.
  • USED CAREFULLY SELECTED HOT PEPPERS// The biggest feature of YUZUSCO is ¡°spiciness ". We use green peppers which have strong spiciness and good flavor. It is carefully selected for its sour-tasting. You can feel the spiciness with just a little drops.
  • USED LOCALLY SELECTED VINEGAR // We have carefully selected the vinegar that suits YUZUSCO from hundreds of different kinds of it, the local vinegar shops that have been in business for 300 years. To keep its unique flavor and spiciness, we have spent a long time and a lot of trial and error to make sure it has a refreshing sour taste.
  • SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS DISHES! // All-purpose seasoning ¡°YUZUKOSHO" The aroma of yuzu grown under the blessings of the sun, the spicy tanginess of peppers reminiscent of a tropical country, and the refreshing aftertaste of vinegar are an amazing collaboration of yuzu, vinegar, and peppers!
  • "YUZUSCO Red" is a new sensation spicy seasoning. Since YUZUSCO release in 2008, it has been used by many people and especially young people said that they wanted more spicy YUZUSCO. In response it, we have developed "YUZUSCO Red", which uses peppers with even stronger. Please enjoy the flavor that is different from YUZUSCO.