Uchiyama Seitosho Japanese Donabe Isuzugama Hanachirashi Flower for 4-5 People- 3 Liter, Made in Japan

  • $80.00
  • This earthenware pots have a ceramic coating that has a water-repellent effect, making them non-stick and clean to use. It also prevents juices from seeping in.
  • It consists of three layers: a thermal clay layer, a glazed glass layer, and a water-repellent ceramic coating.
  • It is easy to use and retains heat well, which is a characteristic of heat-resistant ceramics, and allows you to eat hot food while it is still warm.
  • This is a Mishima earthenware pot with a gray chrysanthemum pattern. It stores heat and keeps food from getting cold. This pot is for 4-5 people. Gas stove and microwave are safe, not induction.
  • Diameter 30.8cm, height 15.6cm