Umami Keystone Powder, Magic Shiitake Mushroom Seasoning, Fine Powder Depth in Flavor Excellent Addition, No MSG, Made in Japan, 3.5oz

  • ✅What are Shiitake Mushrooms //🗾Shiitake is the one of Japanese mushrooms. They are packed with healthy nutrients, have relatively large brown caps, ranging from tan to dark in color, and white stems. ☕Their meatiness and distinctive smoky flavor are the main characteristics of shiitake mushrooms, making them perfect for soups, stir-fries, and the likes.
  • ✅ Lot of benefits for your health 💪 // It is popular its rich in both their taste and nutrient profiles. It is low in calories and rich in minerals and dietary fiber. 🧘Enhances the immune system. Dried Shiitake mushroom is richer in nutrition and flavor than fresh ones.
  • ✅What is Umami //😛By Research, our tongue is known to sense the 5 different taste receptors ; Bitterness, Sourness, Sweetness, Saltiness, and last, but not least, the famous Umami. Although there is no official translation in English for Umami, the closest word to describe this would be “Savory”.
  • ✅How to Use//🍜Add a powerful nutrient boost to your coffee, tea, smoothie. To all your favorite dishes such as stakes, burger, ramen, pasta sauce, soup bases and so on. Combining "Shiitake Mushroom powder" (Guanylate acid) with the other Umami ingredients found in numerous different food, such as Glutamate (beans, tomato, etc.) and Inosinate (meat, fish, etc.), will boost the flavor up to 30 times. This powder makes the food taste better.😍
  • ✅Ingredients// 🍴Dried shiitake mushroom, Shiitake extract powder, Salt, Onion extract, Italian tomato powder. GLUTEN FREE, NO ARTIFICAL COLORS AND FLAVORS, GMO FREE, SOY FREE, NON MSG, VEGAN FRIENDLY😁 1 Pack