YAMAHOSHISAN Koji Ichiyazukeno Tomo, Malted Rice KOJI for Meat, Fish, Vegetable Pickling for Overnight, Japanese Pickle Seasoning, Aging Seasoning 19.4oz (550g), 1PACK

・We use 100% Japanese rice

・"Koji Ichiyazukeno Tomo" is a "fermented rice seasoning" made by fermenting rice, malt, and salt. It is characterized by its unique manufacturing method that maximizes the sweetness of rice with the power of fermentation. By adding the "sweetness and richness" derived from rice, it has a mild and rich flavor that is not only salty. Further, kelp for adding umami, savory flavor, and red pepper as a natural preservative are added, not spicy.

・Koji ,Jiuqu, is a "good mold" that works beneficially for humankind and has a number of enzymes. This enzyme results in a "natural chemical reaction" called fermentation. It has the role of helping digestion and absorption of nutrients, and you can efficiently ingest the nutrients of the foods you eat. In addition, it has an antioxidant effect and can be expected to be effective in preventing aging.
・Koji has the function of producing vitamins and is useful for recovery from fatigue.

・You can make tasty grilled meat, fish and pickled vegetables just by sprinkling them on the ingredients and leave them a while . The natural sweetness created by koji brings out the rich umami of the material and gives it a deeper taste. Also good for making aged beef. Meats get surprisingly soft. It can be widely used for seasoning for stir-fried foods or add it on the ground meats for making hamburger, dumpling. You'll be satisfied with this seasoning.

・This product is carefully made every day by the koji craftsmen of YAMAHOSHISAN. Easy to USE paste, No chemical seasoning. No sweeteners or No colorings added.